Mix 2 types of materials / reflexion on translucent

I made a PBR-like glass shader from a tutorial and tried to alter it using an inverted fresnel with lerp 0…1 to metallic.
But there are no reflexions at all, even so I ticked the ssr box.

Can you have reflexions on a translucent material?
If not, is it maybe possible to mix an opaque with a translucent material based on fresnel?

Hi frMage. You need to set the lighting mode on your translucent material to ‘Surface PerPixel’.

This is an experimental feature and there are some limitations – can’t self-reflect, can’t reflect other translucent reflective materials, is relatively expensive to render.

But it should be perfectly fine to use for architectural glass, since glass is unlikely to need to reflect other glass. (My example screenshot is a worst-case scenario).

Great! Worked perfectly. Thanks very much.

No problem. By the way, you have to mark the question as “answered” again after replying, because replying removes the “answered” status.