Mistranslated nodes in blueprint confuses me

Hello, I am a Unreal engine user in South Korea. I used some math nodes such as sind
In Korean it says ‘사인 각도 - A 의 사인을 반환합니다. 결과의 단위는 각도입니다.’ The last part is mistranslated as ‘The results is in degrees’. But the result of a sind is actually a float between -1 and 1. So I looked up the English document to find the true meaning. I suggest the translation to be change to ‘입력 값은 각도로 간주합니다.’ Same translation errors are repeated at sin(radians), cos(radians), cos(degrees), tan(degrees), tan(radians) since they all do not indicate the regarding of the input. I hope you fix the translation to what I suggested. Thank you.