Missing Walls (c4d fbx) /invalid lightmap

Hi Guys!

When i try to import my fbx modell from c4d to ue4 the following happens:

Normally it looks like this in c4d

I have no idea how to fix the “missing walls”. If i go inside the object i can see the walls which are missing now.

So here are my export and import settings:

I can fix the lightmap error by myself but maybe you know a better way to fix it. I would do it with my LOD levels.

I hope that someone here can help me :frowning:

So let me give you a big thanks for your help already! :slight_smile:

I think your normals might be wrong. Try to reverse your Faces, that should fix the missing walls.

For your lightmaps I prefer to create a second layer of UVs with Automatic mapping from all axis. Then on the import Options dont tick Generate Lightmap UVs.

I hope that should fix both of your problems

Thank you so much!!! It fixed all my problems.