Missing triangles on dense static mesh import (OBJ)

When importing meshes above 64K I encounter 2 issues:

  1. I get missing triangles
  2. The import time skyrockets (from 2s to 5-10 mins)

I am importing fairly dense meshes up to 800k triangles, however, I am reading about people importing multi million meshes without missing triangles.

I am using the VR template, importing OBJ (not FBX). The missing triangles become increasingly apparent if I increase the LOD within the engine.

Is there a way to avoid it aside from importing lower res. meshes?


Hello myself, 6 months later.

I still have this issue, and now have a terrible workaround.
Scaling up the object on import. It fixes this problem. Also importing meshes is quicker. I found that deleting the “intermediate” and “saved” folders also helps with making sure the engine registers the import settings (sometimes the static mesh doesn’t load as scaled up or rotated otherwise).