Missing things on iphone (TextRender, particles, lighting)

I’ve been having difficulty getting a “complete” build onto the iphone. Issues that I have include:

  • TextRender objects not rendering
  • Particle effects not showing (some do, some don’t).
  • Lighting not being updated.

I currently have my most complete build by packaging to ipa with a full rebuild then deploying the ipa using xcode. Even in this build my sole use of the TextRender actor doesn’t display (it has in some prior builds, perhaps 25% of them) though it seems like most (all?) of my particle effects are playing.

I’ll probably stop using the TextRender actor at somepoint as I have my own class that should stand in with minimal wrapping and seems to work 100% but the particle effects are concerning.

Is this a known issue with iOS deployment?

  • Build: 4.8.1
  • iOS Device: iPhone 5, iOS 8.3
  • Missing: TextRender actor and CPU particles, differing from build to build

After about 20+ builds on the iphone I finally have a build with everything in it! Going to store it in a special place :slight_smile:

Static lighting is still pretty broken in the one scene I have that really uses it, and dynamic lighting is missing from a couple of other scenes but I haven’t taken a stab at mobile friendly shaders for them yet.

Continuing to think there are bugs in the packaging process.

Seems not to be an issue on 4.9