Missing texture on material Unreal when i use an imported Blender model

Hello everyone!
In these days I’m beginning to learn the Unreal Engine 4, i have created some models on Blender for use in Unreal, but I have a some problem with these models and unreal material. These Blender models have been made without putting on any tipe of material (my intention was to apply directly on UE4); I’ve successfully imported the models and applied on them my created material, but the result is always the same, “smooth” material without any kind of texture.
How can i do for make it work?
Please, take a look at these photos to better understand my problem.
Thank all for any help :slight_smile:

this is a material i’ve made with ruined texture tested on shape_cube

but this is final result on my Blender model

Hey Slayer-_93,

So it sounds like you are fairly new the game design process and could use a helping hand in following the right directions. For starters, it looks like you either have improper UV’s which is causing incorrect scaling of the material applied to your mesh, or that you have too low tiling of your texture which is stretching it out.

In any case, I highly recommend taking a look over the documentation provided below to get a better understanding of how Materials work in the engine and the proper workflow to get them to look as you expect.

Essential Material Concepts

Materials - How To

Unwrapping UVs

All of these links should provide you with enough information on how to get your static meshes to render correctly with a material applied.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Really thank, I’ve solved :slight_smile: I had not created the UV mapping in blender, but does this all worked out :slight_smile: