Missing Texture Files From Fundamentals Classes

I’m trying to get started on the ‘102: 2.2 Textures’ tutorials but cannot find any of the first four texture files he uses at the start of the lesson.
‘G:_My Unreal Projects\FundamentalsClasses\Content\Fundamentals\Materials\EssentialConcepts’ is my folder. Nothing in it.
I then try
‘G:_My Unreal Projects\FundamentalsClasses\Content\Fundamentals\Materials\Content\Textures’ and all that’s in there are UASSET Files.

Going through the Unreal Editor, I can see the four PSD Files, not TGA files, which I think he is referring to, but again, the editor doesn’t seem to show any files, as if it’s only searching for a specific UASSET? Instead of ‘All Files’ which is what has been selected.

I don’t want to waste another day being stuck on page 1. Am I missing something? Where are these texture files?