Missing settings in PostProcess Nodes

So I found a nice looking blueprint on the tutorial forums for making a changeable DoF function:

But in the section where I need to break/make PostProcessing, using the Depth of Field Scale, etc., I only have the ‘override’ booleans and not the actual other settings, as if some of the options are missing?

If anyone could shed any light on this I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Select the break/make nodes and you’ll see a list of everything in the Details panel. You need to scroll down in order to see the other tick boxes other than bools to enable parameters. Or just type the name of the parameter you want to enable in the search bar. It is pretty frustrating but Epic will make post process nodes more user friendly in the future.

Hey Jacky, aren’t you the guy who made the tutorial on DoF? If so, thanks in advance! :smiley:

Anyway, that’s the actual problem. I know you can expand the details section, and I can see all the other options. Problem is, the needed parameters aren’t there - the node says there are 201 options available, but like I said, the only DoF related one’s I can see are the Override ones, even when I have the overrides enabled, the others still don’t show up.

Any advice?

Yeah, that’s me. :slight_smile:

So when you search for, lets say, focal distance in details panel dont you have these:


The override tickbox is for the bool and the other is for the parameter.

Btw, if you are talking about the node itself it is a huge node so you need to zoom out a lot to see all of it, or better yet copy/paste those text files if you dont want to untick them all manually: PostProccessSettings node is too **** long ! - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums