"Missing required files to cook for this platform." when trying to package my game for Windows

When I try to package my game for Windows, I get this error message. I tried deleting the save folder, changing packaging target, none worked…

Does anyone know a fix to this ?

Here is the log file : https://pastebin.com/T0eMeWR6

Same here :frowning:

Apparently you guys have done something (or it hasn’t downloaded) to the Niagara File cause this is the Error:

  1. LogSlateStyle: Warning: Missing Resource from ‘NiagaraEditorStyle’ Style: ‘Unable to find Color ‘NiagaraEditor.AssetColors.EffectType’.’
    Niagara is a VFX handler for Ue4. so if you used any VFX it would not allow it to cook as there is something missing for Niagara.

Currently have this same issue. I have one workstation where I can build fine, but my main workstation I’d been doing some MSVS C++ work and now I get this error trying to package for Win64.

Hi @Just_a_Mango
Windows 10/UE5 need to use Win SDK 18362, Windows 10 SDK loads the latest which is now 19876. Make sure your output log show 18362 for UE5.
There is a more puzzling thing in is that the version EA1 CL Set the compatible changelist to the same CL as EA1. · NangiDev/UnrealEngine@87dc6ed (github.com)

is showing being loaded, however, the network code is for EA2, so you may need to update to EA2 and REBUILD the whole repository on both machines to keep them in sync