Missing PhysX Cooking libraries for android

Version: UE 4.14 (Cloned from UE4 Github)
Platform: Android

Description: I always uncommented “PhysX3Cooking{0}” for android in the PhysX.build.cs file so that i could enable dynamic/runtime collision meshes on android. I was aware that this was disabled because it could be slow on mobile and because the developers are waiting for APEX, but it worked for me and the PhysX Cooking library files ( arm) where always there (pre 4.14). Is there any reason for the new PhysX 3.4 release not to include the android libraries?

P.S. I’m sorry if this does not count as a bug report (unsupported feature), but i did not knew which section to take else.


It’s commented out in the PhysX.build.cs file in the GitHub version of 4.14.1.