Missing Math functions UE5 - Solved with explanation

Hello cool people!

Sorry if it was already asked, but I can’t find some maths formula nodes involving vectors (like vector * float or vector + vector), am I missing something? To be fair, I have little to no experience with Blueprint, but I’ve checked multiple videos and pictures to make sure I type the right things and it just does not appear T_T

Maybe it’s just a setting I turned off by accident in the project settings, but I’m not sure, so I put that here while going to sleep, hoping I’ll find tomorrow (if I do, I’ll write what it was in the answer)

Cheers everyone! <3

I might be wrong, but it sounds like you’ve confused the material graph with the blueprint graph possibly?

You’ll also find a lot of things don’t work inside a function, but basic nodes like mention will always be there.

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Hello Clockwork !

I just double checked and I am in a Blueprint graph (at least I think so, as I created a Blueprint Class). I actually found as a workaround to use the “Find in Blueprint” feature, type the math node there and copy paste it from whatever example Blueprint graph UE gives me. So they work, they exist, but they just don’t appear in my search bar ._.

May be worth mentioning I’m using UE5 (terrible mistake from me, especially as a beginner I think :smiley: )

Ok, are you just right clicking on the background, and you can’t find vector*vector ( for instance )?

( search for * )

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Hello again !

That’s what I was doing yes, BUT issue solved ! It is indeed a new UE5 feature ^^
They “renamed” those things, for example searching for the + wouldn’t give me the vector+vector, but instead you can use this :

So all good, definitely a rookie mistake from me, but I hope it can help if others get confused while migrating from UE4 to UE5 ^^

(and thanks again for the guidance, Clockwork, it got me on the right way <3 )

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In case anyone needs more info:


@Menzia, please read this thread:

Yes, UE 5 has made blueprint smarter by not requring you to define the type of value for each match fucntion. It willnow use the proper one since it knows the input types.