Missing lightmaps


I have little problem witch generate o level. I try to generate a few parts of level, next move then all generated shadows gone.
I need use static shadows, because active don’t exist on mobile.
If i render one on second shadows are generated from both not only active.

Or maybe have you any idea for generate level from parts (not rand one from few)?


Hi Czester,

I’m having a little bit of difficulty understanding what exactly you’re asking here.

You’ve asked about lightmaps in your title. Do you have a second UV setup for your lightmaps?

And when you talk about moving the piece the generated shadows are gone. Have you rebuilt lights after moving the object?

I couldn’t see what the errors were that were listed on your images as the resolution was a little too small.

If you can provide some more clarification this would greatly help anyone trying to help out! :slight_smile:


The errors are :wink:

-the one with the lighmap coordinate index (invalid lightmap setting)
Solution: set the LightMap Coordinate Index to ‘0’ in the Static Mesh editor but just when the 1st uv channel follows the lightmap rules or just create a 2nd uv channel + lightmap:
-static mesh has NUll property -> just a warning, so I wouldnt do anything ^^