Missing feature in UE5 - TimeManagementEditor

I keep getting this warning when opening up the editor:
“LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module ‘TimeManagementEditor’ - 0 instances of that module name found.”

This exists in the UE4 Github branch, but not in the one for Unreal Engine 5.

Is this important?
Will it be added?
Will it be deprecated?

Hi @anon98807946,
I can see this in the source code for UE5 Editor in


// Load all editor modules here
static const TCHAR* ModuleNames[] =
Line 1020 TEXT(“TimeManagementEditor”),

From my repository documented in
Visual Studio 2022 Preview is 64 bit and compiles and runs UE 5.0 EA approximately 20% FASTER

Documentation links
Break Frame Rate | Unreal Engine Documentation 5.0 EA

Time Management | Unreal Engine Documentation 4.27

Break Frame Rate | Unreal Engine Documentation 4.27


Thank you, I found the same file. The module itself is missing though.
I cannot remember where they are supposed to be, but I suspect it is under:
Engine/Plugins and them some sub folder there.

Hi @anon98807946,
This is a screen dump of the Kismet library code

This is the Blueprint code as in the documentation

Break Frame Rate | Unreal Engine Documentation

I suggest you right click your UE5 source code and “Clean” and “Build” your source code again .
Perhaps you could download your repository again as something is corrupted

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Thank you. I will have to pass on that, as I am no coder or source builder. I also upgraded to macOS Monterey, which demands Xcode 13, which cannot package Unreal Projects. It sort of makes sense that it won’t compile UE5 source code either. It was an install from the EPIC launcher.

Your reply is however, very good for anyone who does or wants to give it a try.