"Missing Event 'x' for Event x from Source: y" compilation error popping up during packaging. How should I fix it?

I keep getting this error when packaging my game:

LogInit: Display: LogBlueprint: Error: [Compiler MatchHUD_BP] Missing Event 'GetReady' for  Event GetReady from Source: /Game/Blueprints/MatchHUD_BP.MatchHUD_BP

There are in total three of these ‘missing event’ errors showing up, all coming from the same blueprint. All the problematic events are defined in C++ as BlueprintImplementableEvents. I tried packaging without implementing these events in blueprints and it worked, but obviously that’s not what I want… Anyways, does anyone know how to fix this error?


I didn’t find the cause, but did find a solution. Deleting the Binaries, Saved and Intermediates folder and recompiling the project seems to have gotten rid of the errors.