Missing .dll when using Perforce?

I am very new to C++ development in Unreal and could use some detailed assistance with integrating Perforce into the Unreal workflow. In particular, things seem to work correctly with an initial commit to Perforce, working locally. However, there is sometimes a pop-up prompt for a module that is “missing or built with a different engine version.” This module is always a .dll file. When I select to rebuild the module, an error window displays that the module “could not be compiled” and to “try rebuilding from the source manually.” However, I am not able to rebuild from the source because the project solution is missing from Visual Studio. Only the UE4 solution is visible. Could you provide me with some detailed direction on properly integrating a C++ project, with existing Visual Studio Files, into Perforce? Specifically with information on how to troubleshoot the missing .dll file. I have included images of the pop up windows that are being displayed, as well as my current P4ignore file. Please let me know if you require any additional information.


I see you have UDN access and have also posted your question there. Please continue to use the UDN for your support needs as the Answerhub is intended for community-provided support. I will close this post now, please refer to the one on the UDN for a resolution.