Missing Distorm module definition

I have encountered a problem with project file generations while using UE 4.22 downloaded from launcher.
There is an expecption thrown while generating project file for UE4.vcxproj “Could not find definition for module ‘Distorm’ (referenced via allmodules option → LiveCodingServer.Build.cs)”. As the result there are missing data for Intellisense so when i open any .cpp file in engine all includes are invalid.
Generated project file for game is ok. It only affects UE4.vcxproj - there are no paths to UE4 sources in NMakeSearchPaths variable.
Reinstalling ue4 doesn’t help

With the engine built from git sources project file generation is ok. If i copy Source/ThirdPary/Distorm from git engine version to installed build then described problem is solved.
May be there is a better way to fix it?

that’s not a proper solution, working with straight source build yields all kinds of problems for those unfamiliar with it. The build times alone are enough to push some away.

Lets’s hope epic fixes it in a patch or hotfix or whatever the term would be here.

Easy, you should only work with the engine built from the source files and not use the download from the launcher.

Thanks for sharing the workaround, it fixed Intellisense issues for me. Let’s hope for a proper fix in an upcoming release.

All myself is missing

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