Missing cached shader map for...

so for some unkown reason the engine started compiling all shades after pressing launch.
about 40.000.

now here is the thing at about 8100 shaders left to compilie the engine always finds something new he need to compilie.

“Missing cached shader map for…”

jumping back to 9000. and finds something new at 8100 and so on

what the heck is happening?

Hi i know what the problem is he is compiling shaders when cooking or Packaging or launching the game for the first time, this process that the engine is doing, with the 4.12 up to 4.18 is done automaticly when you start the project the first time, but with the engine 4.19 up to 4.22 this is being done when you cook package or launch the game for the first time, very strange but that is the problem, when the process is done the second time he will be faster and he wont compile anymore,only when you put something new in the game a new level or asset. i hope this helped,and yes the bigger the game is the longer the process wil be mine took 16 hours but now a half hour :wink: