Missing C++ Classes

I’ve tried opening up a new third Person C++ Project, but upon opening the solution in VC 2015 it seems that there are some missing code files. I’m not sure what should be in there but I was trying to find the CharacterMovementComponent but it is only referenced by the code files included in the project. C++ Classes does not provide any solution as I only have two inherited classes for character and gamemode. Am I missing something obvious?

Hey mad.array-

The character movement component is something that is part of the default character class. When you create a new code project, it will generate a project specific character class based on the default character. As you mentioned, you can access the movement component with GetCharacterMovement(). Additionally, from the editor you can create a new class based on CharacterMovementComponent to setup your own movement if desired. You would then need to add the new component to the character either in code or by adding the component to your character blueprint.