missile smoke trail problems

i’ve been following this tutorial

i’m using 4.7.3. i’m getting hard edges around the smoke when i make the material. i saw in the comments of the video there is a fix. it didn’t make sense and considering i am using the textures from another existing smoke particle system i think it may be more work than needed. the other particle systems with smoke do not produce the same issue.

this is the fix that is mentioned

Very good tutorial. A few notes about how to fix the hard edge problem some people are having.
When you distort the UV for the raspy effect, if you scale the panning (roiling as you call it) texture’s color so that the darkest color is below about .9 and the highest is above about 1.1, it starts to look into the texture “adjacent” to it (meaning the tiled version of it’s self), which creates a hard edge. Unless you’re textures are just right, you can’t get much raspiness without getting that hard edge. To fix this problem, create a larger resolution image (about 4X the original size of the smoke puff) and place the originally sized smoke puff texture in the center and fill in the background with black. Use this instead of the original smoke puff. From the output of the multiply node between the tex-coordinate node and the add node (this previously plugged into the smoke puff texture sample) plug it into a multiply by 0.4 node, then into an add 0.3 node (that is just the linear equation: y = .4x + .3, this converts UV coordinate 0,0 into .3,.3 and keeps .5,.5 where it is. This creates the illusion that you are using original smoke puff texture, while giving you lots of black space around it), and finally plug the add node into the new texture sample(the larger resolution one with the smaller smoke puff in the center). This should fix the hard edge problem, and allows you to give it a lot more raspiness

the boxy smoke is really not that big of deal at this point for me but i know it needs addressing.

the following issue is what is bothering me more in making my game function how i want it to. i can’t seem to alter the life part of the smoke system i made. i have it set up like this for the event to happen. when my character passes into the trigger box it spawns missilies from a silo i have setup across the level. i have event tick setup that when the missile gets spawned the particle emitter is attached to a socket at the rear of the missile. even if i destroy the missile the particles still exist and never disappear.

any help is appreciated. i’ve been working on this for 3 days and can’t solve it on my own. below are screenshots of how i stuff is set up and looks