Mirror's Edge Fanart

jumped on the UE4 train as soon as it released and got working on an environment

(NOTE: paintings are placeholders and will be replaced in the final)

here’s what I have atm… I’ll be making a whole lot of office props to fill the rooms with

check out the rest of my stuff at!

Woow, it’s great, I love your work; I saw this pics on the news days ago, i love it, is very faithful to Mirror’s Edge, Amazing Juniez

I will try to also make some references to Mirror’s Edge in my project (soon in this section)


This is one of the best games ever! I’m so excited about the ME2, but it looks like they’ve forgotten about it, no news after last E3…
Congrats for your fan art, its really great and detailed. I bet ME2 won’t look as nice as it =)
I’m totally subscribing to this topic! =D

Great work man very High Quality!

Beautiful! Excellent atmosphere!

I checked out your work. Great stuff. digging the half-life stuff.

Looking great sir! Can’t wait to see more. =)

Wow, that minimalist art style looks fantastic in UE4, nice work. Are they your own materials? They look really nice and crisp.

Very beautiful work. =)

thanks for the replies everyone!

Thank you! I’m still working away at the HL2 model replacement pack… I think I only have the airboat left to do on my part, haha. After that it’s up to the animator to get it all ingame and reanimated :B

thanks!! :0

thank you! all of the art assets (except for the paintings! which are still placeholders) are created by me

I started on the monitor model today:

I tested out layered materials with this (separated the aluminium from the plastic, then materialTinted them to separate the light/dark plastics) but I don’t think I’ll be needing them for this environment… mostly because they’re just very clean, separated materials so there’s no need to per-pixel separate things like grunge or rust or whatever - I also heard they were rather expensive performance-wise! No idea how they compare to, say, completely unique materials, though.

Awesome job on this so far Juniez!

Awesome work!

figured out some other uses for layered materials aaand I also made a keyboard and a lamp

Amazing! Green is not my color but for the scene it works. :slight_smile:

I can only say you nailed it~ Looks exactly like the game. GJ

a big update

zomg, this is fabulous. I’ve always loved the art in mirrors edge, and its great to see you have captured the essence of it so perfectly! If I had to give it a small critique, I’d suggest that you might tone down the normal maps a bit on things like the walls that aren’t concrete, the wood table, the carpet, etc. While things may be scuffed a great deal in offices, making them less than perfectly shiny, I always get the impression that alot is done to make things look smooth. Just my opinion, however, as I love what you have done anyway. :smiley:

Coming along nicely, good to see you’re still working on this.

Man that looks great! I really loved the art style in Mirrors edge too.

trying to figure out how to get the outdoor building facades:

I think I’ll probably do pieces of something like 5-story structures and stack them on top. Should help with the lightmap-resolution screwup and I could always swap them out for added variety - that would be super.

So now I’ve got to implement the buildings for real, do the rooftop clutter structures:

and then do the plants and then I’ll be done