Mirror Reflection Scale

So, I have been looking at various places and have had no success yet. I know how to make a mirror, using a SCC/SCC 2d. I understand how to make the actual mirror material as well, but, what I am trying to accomplish, seems only possible through blueprints which I am terrible at, mainly because I have little need for them as I am using UE4 for ArchViz(Still-shots). I am trying to make a mirrors’ reflection scale properly. The problem I am having is that, when I am close to a mirror in my scene, it reflects things properly but, the mirror basically keeps the scale of what the SCC is looking at rather than where the “Player” is standing in the scene. For instance, a reflection of a bathtub looks the same size when 1ft away from the mirror as it does standing 10 feet away, when it should actually shrink. Has anyone come up with AND can share their BP on how to auto-tune the scale-ability of the mirrors’ reflection according to the position of the “actor/camera” and not the “End-plane” of the SCC?

Thank you in advance!

If you are using a box reflection capture actor or a planar reflection, there should be no need to adjust scale.

Can you explain in detail how each “actor” works and why I wouldn’t need to adjust scale? I basically want to take “still-shots” from different camera angles, but currently, I can’t until I am able to figure out how to scale the image displayed on the mirror material proportionally to where the camera is placed in the scene.

For the mirror material, all you need is a material with white or 1 plugged into the base color, metalness 1, and roughness 0. Place a box reflection capture actor right in front of the mirror and adjust it to just barely cover the mirror. If that isn’t good enough you can use a planar reflection, but that is more expensive.

Thank you “ZacD”. I will work with the information you have provided me and if I have any further questions I will post.