Mirror reflecting different rig

Hi! So this might be an absolutely insane query but I want to know if it is possible.
I want to develop a mirror system for a VR headset where you can go in front of a mirror and see a reflection of yourself that mirrors your movements - however, it would be a different reflection from how you’re perceiving yourself. If you were to look down at where the motion controllers would be, it would be like a white hand rig. But if you looked in the mirror it would be a crazy different mesh. However, it needs to track and follow your movements along the mirror plane. Is there a way to set this up? A mirror or camera or something, I have no idea yet. I just need to know if it’s possible before I pitch it.

Hi! So if anyone is wondering and is looking for an easy fix, I figured it out - what you have to do is set up a SceneCapture Component and cast it to a plane, and then set your objects as Owner No See. That’s all!