Mirror Material with Roughness


i want to make a mirror with the roughness setting of the material + the metallic value, but it don’t works right :frowning: .

With roughness 0 and metallic 1 i am getting a mirror but the mirror only reflects things what the player camera is seeing too.
If i look with the camera in the mirror from the side, so that i can see the wall in front of the mirror too, then i can see the reflection correctly,
but if i rotate the camera so that the wall is not visible to the player camera, the reflection disappeared too. :confused:

It looks like some occlusions effect, if i move the camera closer to the mirror i can see that the ground behind the camera turns into black and don’t
getting reflected anymore (Like a fog of war in a RTS Game) and if i am very near to the mirror and the player camera can only see the mirror, i see nothing reflecting in the mirror. :frowning:

Thank you for your help

You can use static lighting and reflection spheres to capture the angles SSR cant. Check out the screenshots here to understand what’s going on:

But you should really look into scene capture 2D actor as a better solution for mirror.

Thank you for your help,
i will take a look into scene capture 2D, i hope i can use the reflection in realtime, static is bad in my case.

Scene Capture 2D as far as Im aware is flat, and only acts like a tv screen. Not like a mirror, as its not parallax corrected. Currently there is no working solution for a proper / perfect mirror reflection.

If you rotate your Scene Capture 2D, you get close to something what looks like a mirror


(Note that the fixed axis depends on the orientation of the mirror)

Thank you all very much, :o
yes the Scene Capture is like a Display :eek:, but the rotation works, the effect is good enough.
Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

On the image Mars007 posted above, would I create that whole blueprint on the camera that pops out when I first create a “Scene Capture 2D”?

and how exactly would I create that “Scene Capture2D1 from persistent Level” node that is to the far left in the image Mars posted?

I just dropped a SceneCapture2D in the Level and referenced it in the LevelBlueprint.

And i extended the above version by creating a Mirror-Blueprint that conains a flat surface with the mirror material assigned.
No matter how many mirrors i drop in my level, the SceneCapture will place itself to the nearest mirror and face the player.


After follow all I readed about mirrors, I can´t to “flip” the image:

Sin título-2.png

I did the BP explained MARS007, but only achieved to “rotate” the scenecapture2d and followed my point of view, but need to flip the image how a real mirror do.

I tried with a First Person Blueprint Scene and with a First Person Character Scene. No changes.

The flip is done with UV coordinates on the mesh.

Edit: As a quick solution, flip the coordinates in the Material Graph.

Thank you Mars007, it did the trick.

It would be interesting to find a step by step process for creating the blueprint. The mirror is visible in a matinee?

Just download and migrate the mirror to your project.
This project includes two mirrors, to demonstrate endless reflections :slight_smile:

…Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like you should also be able to get a static reflection using a simple sphere reflection capture as long as you rebuild lighting with some indirect lighting.

Thank you…:d

thanks wawwww