Mirror Material to reflect the character


So I have made a simple mirror in the scene, and put reflection caputre, all reflects the environment correctly and it looks great, but the character is seen in the mirror back to front, i.e. when facing the mirror I can see charater’s back, and when facing the camera with it’s back to the mirror I can see the character’s face in the mirror while it should be his back, why is that? And how to change that, if possible? Thanks i advance

Looks like you use simple screen space reflection.
Better use planar reflection for mirrors.

Uhm, no, that’s too expenisve for the game… any other solutions?

Create a mirrored duplicate of the room, make a hole connecting both rooms where the mirror is, then make a duplicate of your character and use some code to position it in the mirrored room and imitate your character’s animations.

What I actually did (tip from my programmer), I used the camera blueprint and render to texture, and it works, thanks!

What’s you’re target platform? And what is the size of scene? You can always make it so only so only certain actors appear in the reflections