Mirror material problem with Geometry Cache

hello guys, i need to have HQ reflections on a geometry cache (made with alembic) that will act like a mirror (will melt at a specific time)… but unfortunately planar reflection isn’t working on geometry cache, i tried also with ray tracing reflections but the result is pretty messed up… any advice on how to achieve a good mirror on this geometry cache?
first picture SSR + planar reflection
second picture ray tracing

In Project Settings, go to Rendering > GBuffer Format and select “High Precision Normals” from the list. It encodes the normals in 16-bit instead of 8-bit for more accuracy and improved quality. But you also need to change the mesh settings in the mesh editor under LOD0 > Build > Enable “Use High Precision Tangent Basis” and “Use Full Precision UVs”. This can increase reflection quality some.

unfortunately it didnt produce any effect :frowning: