mirror material is not working properly.

I followed a tutorial to make mirror material but I’m not getting the results I expected it only works if the camera is distant but as soon as I get close the mirror turns pitch black.

My guess is you need to put a reflection capture in front of it. When SSR has nothing to render it will fall back to reflection captures, if you’re not in range of a reflection capture, it will render black.

i put a reflection capture in the scene but it didn’t change anything

This could be similar to the other issue that was posted with metal turning black recently.
had some issues with it myself when trying to set up a darker than usual metal material - however it worked fine for Gold, so unsure if that has anything to actually do with it.

if you are adding a reflection capture, make sure to rebuild captures and light.

the material itself will essentially reflect, but it isn’t a mirror.
to have an actual mirror like effect you need to enable planar Reflections and set it up for it.

Plenty of tuts on that, but go with the official ones

yo, I just found out it’s not working when I’m looking at it. wtf is happening?

That is how screenspace reflections work, they can only reflect what is visible on screen.

For something like a mirror you are much better off using planar reflections. SSR and captures are really better suited to surfaces that are rough or have high frequency detail.