Mip Mapping problem.

Hi there, I have a problem in the current build of unreal 4, using the 3.0 preview build.

You can see on the left the textures appear sharp,
but once I move further back on the image to the right the concrete wall drops in texture resolution.
they are both using 1k textures, same settings on the mips and lod bias.

Are your meshes scaled? Also, is this in-editor or does this happen when playing the game?

None of the meshes are scaled, happens both in the editor and when playing the game.

Anyone knows what is going on?

This happened to me as well just a few minutes ago in ver 4.3 preview… I don’t know what caused it, but disconnecting the diffuse (or other slots), then re-attaching them and compile the material again, fixed it for me! I was baffled by how it happened and was fixed, I have no idea what caused it, but if the mentioned way does not fix it, you can also restart the editor and should find it back to normal when you open it up again.

Sorry no idea what this issue is, but I will be reporting it the next time it happens to me and I have a screenshot to show the UE guys( I want to try to see what else fixes it for me)…

Restarting the editor sure does not work for me, I do that several times a day.
But reconnecting the inputs works or even just opening the material instance, thanks for that tip :slight_smile:
However if I restart the editor it’s back to being blurry again.