Minor Issue: Can't Copy Post-Process Volume Effect in 4.15

Hello UE4 Community, since the layout change for the Post-Process Volume in 4.15, it is no longer possible to copy its entire effect and transfer to another Post-Process Volume, you have to either copy the entire volume and change its transform or copy each of the effects separately 1 by 1. It is a very minor issue, and it would be awesome if it could be fixed by allowing us to copy the entirety of the Post-Process Volume effects at once.

In my case, I have many Post-Process Effects used for underwater visuals, since 4.15 I’m having to copy another volume and bring it all the way to new underwater areas, whereas before I could just place a new Post-Process Volume on the fly where my camera is positioned and then just copy the Underwater settings from a previous Post-Process Volume.

Minor issue, a bit annoying. and sorry if I seemed “picky”.

Hey Narg,

You can still copy the postprocess settings from one to the other by using a property matrix. I have a feeling that what you were doing may have not been an intended workflow.

Here is some documentation: Property Matrix in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

If you don’t want to look through the docs and want a TL;DR follow this.

  • Select both Postprocess volumes and click the symbol highlighted in screenshot


  • After you click that the window in the screen below will appear and you will need to click the blue pin that the first arrow is next to.
  • Then the settings will appear in the column, you copy this text into the desired post process volume’s field

Let me know if that helps,