Mining laser effect

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a beam particle system similar to the one shown below.

At first glance I can see there is a very simple beam at the core of the effect that seems to be slightly darkening as it moves away from the spaceship. Then there is some sort of glow surrounding the beam close to the ship that dies off quite quickly. I’m quite new to the material editor. How would I go about hooking something like this up? I’m familiar with the Epic beam tutorial, but this seems to be combining multiple effects, so I’m mostly interested in how I could get that going.


You could make a mesh which is a similar shape, then unwrap it so that you could run a gradient along its length, which you could multiply and plug into the emmisive. Post process should handle the rest

EDIT: I guess I should have paid more attention to the fact that you said you were using a beam particle for this. That makes it even easier because you can just handle most of the falloff stuff within the curves in the particle editor. The material would just need an a color and emissive intensity parameters.

Hi Orkney,

I tried to get this working purely by using a material but a mesh turned out to be much easier!