Minimum gpu for VR Development -archviz in UE4- 1060 6g or 1070??

Hi, I plan to buy a gpu for my ryzen 5 1600 and 16gb Ram PC.
It will be for VR development in architecture visualization and then play with oculus rift CV1 (or CV2)

Is 1060 6g enough? or minimum i have to buy the 1070?
What are your advices?

Thanks in advance.

Actually, I own a MSI 1060 6G OC. I had no troubles with all the scenarios I tested (SteamVR Home, and my own creations). I got solid 90 FPS.
For ArchViz, however, I would really go with the 1070, as you are trying to achieve photorealistic worlds (and a few interactions I guess?).

I also tried with gtx 950. This also worked fine, but sometimes the fps dropped to below 60. no big deal though, but depends on the application of course.

In conclusion, I would recommend taking the 1070. It’s more powerful, future proof and SLI ready. The 1060 will do the job most of the time, but could potentionally run out of juice in the future.

Thanks bro :).
I got a 1070.