Minimal_Default shading error

I just thought you guys would appreciate a report on this.


Shading has solid shadow colors and has erratic flicker.


Version: 4.13.0-3072953+++UE4+Release-4.13


Intel i7-6700k 4GHz

Nvidia 1070GTX Nvidia driver 368.69 (06/07/2016)


Create new project (Minimal_Default), look at vase.

Im pretty sure the vase is using the Forward Shading Translucency which is why its not working well (Looks like the same issue I have when using that shading in my project), Epic have stated that the forward rendering stuff is not ready in 4.13, so expect there to be issues like the above, it’ll be in a better shape for 4.14.

It’s still weird to push out something that doesn’t work in the very first scene people will see when they boot the engine :wink:

I was looking at this same thing yesterday, but it looks like it’s already been resolved with our latest internal build of 4.13 that will be Preview 2. If the issue is still happening after Preview 2 releases please post back here.

Thank you!