Minimal Hello World C++ application?

I am considering upgrading one of my big projects to use UE4 as visualization. The project (let us call it FOO) has its own physics, networking and TONS of other stuff. My idea is basically include UE4 into FOO rather than include FOO into UE4. For business and project reasons I cannot afford huge “revolution” with full UE4 implementation. On the other side replacing visuals will make FOO much more impressive, and can just be a first step into UE4.

So my question is - is it possible to use UE4 with pipeline: prepare terrain database with weather conditions in UE4Editor, and use the prepared level in my application linked against UE4 libraries. The app should be “old style:)” generally doing:

int main (int argc, char** argv)
   loadUnrealDatabase(char* pathToUnrealSceneFile);
   while (IdontWannaExit)
       // CRUD operations with a set on assets: objects, particles, weather
       // with data obtained from FOO. One object can be represented for example by 
       // one uasset file or collection of files.

      // update UE4 engine

   return 0;

I know it may look “old style” and against the philosophy, but as I said using current FOO software with all its complexity is the only way for me.

Uhmm… - not a single idea?
OK. Maybe I will redefine my question. I am trying to build a simple application based on UE4. So what I do is:

  • run Editor

  • select New Project / C++ / Basic Code

  • set options: Desktop/Console, Maximum Quality, With Starter Content

  • press Create Project

  • after a whilemy project is ready with starter content visible, so I press Compile button (no changes made to starter content)

  • the popupu window shows up saying “Compiling C++ code”

  • after few seconds another popup says: C++ compile failed!

The error always occurs in promoted version (4.8.0) and 4.6.

So my question here is - how can I make a minimal app, when the built-in compilation is not working? Can I make an app that WILL compile, just the small application with window and some simple content (eg non textured box) for the beginning?

Pressing “show log” on the popup does not work, so I attach the output from console:

 [2015.01.20-09.46.34:548][671]Recompiling CppTest...
[2015.01.20-09.46.34:548][671]Launching UnrealBuildTool... [/home/tomek/dev/UnrealEngine-promoted/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe CppTest -ModuleWithSuffix CppTest 5047 Linux Development -editorrecompile -canskiplink "/home/tomek/Documents/Unreal Projects/CppTest/CppTest.uproject"  -progress]
[2015.01.20-09.46.34:555][671]LogHAL: FLinuxPlatformProcess::CreateProc: spawned child 4166
[2015.01.20-09.46.34:557][671]Warning: Starting HotReload took  0.0s.
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]LogHAL: Child 4166 is no more running (zombie), Wait()ing immediately.
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]CompilerResultsLog: New page: Compilation - Jan 20, 2015, 11:46:38 AM
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info 
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info Running Mono...
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info 
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:856][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info ~/dev/UnrealEngine-promoted/Engine ~/dev/UnrealEngine-promoted/Engine/Binaries/Linux
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info Using clang version '3.3' (string), 3 (major), 3 (minor), -1 (patch)
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info Compiling game modules for hot reload
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info @progress 'Generating headers...' 0%
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info @progress 'Generating headers...' 67%
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info @progress 'Generating headers...' 100%
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]CompilerResultsLog: Info Target is up to date.
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]LogMainFrame: MainFrame: Module compiling took 4.347 seconds
[2015.01.20-09.46.38:857][917]Warning: HotReload failed, recompile failed