Migrating level and assets in it to new project

I have created a level with a bunch of assets in it and want to use that level in another project. However, when I try to migrate the level to the new project, it notifies me that not every asset has been migrated and when I open the level in the new project, all of the static meshes have been set to none. All the objects are still there but not connected to a static mesh. How do I migrate the level and keep everything set up as I had in the first project?

There are two caveats to migrating assets:

  1. You need to not have the second project open in the editor.

  2. You can’t migrate to a lower engine version.

Even in the same version and not having it open it still happens. Could it be something with the folders not being in the same location so the objects cant find their meshes?

Everything needed to get things working will be moved, so it can’t be that. The system will just make new copies of everything.