Migrating c++ plugin code into another projects main game module

hi guys…hope u all are doing well. I need your help with something.
so i have made a plugin which contains a module and also contents. now i need to convert this plugin into a project.
i copied all plugin c++ code into a new projects source and renamed it properly .and i am able to create new bp classes from those c++ classes.
but when i try to migrate my plugins content to my newly created project, i cant migrate it.i copied all the contents into my newly created projects content folder.i regenerated the visual studio project,built it and when i run the editor everything works fine ,but those plugins blue print is not working as i know bcz the link to parent class is broken.i understand how i redirect a projects c++ classes in defaultengine.ini. but i dont understand how should i redirect those plugins c++ file bcz they were in a separate module in plugins folder,but now they are in main game module’s source folder.please help…