Migrating 1st person Template project to VR template.


I have a client who wants me to build an Architectural Visualization scene for him in VR. The problem is I don’t have VR Headset or capabilities on my PC. I can set up the entire scene in a First Person Template in Ue4 then migrate the entire project to VR Template. I can then send the client the project in VR Template inside Ue4, which he must test in Ue4 and package himself to a VR project?
Is this the best workflow?

Any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks.

Technically you can do that. The first person template is VR ready and it will switch to VR mode once it is played that way. Practically however this might be risky.
You will not be able to check any VR performance and how everything looks like in VR, which may be very different from how it appears when played on screen.
You may get complaints back which you won’t be able to troubleshoot and solve because you can’t really experience it the way your customer is. Up to you to decide whether you can live with that.

Does the system let you try a VR preview without Steam VR detecting a headset? I think it does, you just might have to have STEAM VR installed and running. I’m completely sure but I seem to remember switching between 1st pawn and Motion Controller pawn and the frames dropped on the VR, indicating it was actually performing the additional rendering. You should be able to try this using Stat unit on both pawns and compare the results.

Just use VR template from the beginning, delete your old one and use a VR template, then compile and send to somebody to test it, I have HTC Vive, you can compile the project and share it somewhere. Should work just fine if you use some template, make sure the scale is correct, this is the main thing in VR. Standard mannequin too high 1.98m as I remember, you better use him as a reference as a very tall guy and scale everything accordingly.

Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.