Migrate material + textures !

Before we begin, I apologize for the lousy translation in English. If you are French I posted a topic in French here: (FRENCH) - Migrate materials + textures - Europe - Unreal Engine Forums

Hello everyone,

I have a small problem I can not solve, and I pull my hair!

I want to migrate both materials and textures used to another UE4 project.

I do a migrate (or components and I tested the migrate the file directly) and asset tracking.

I end up with two folder, I slip my news folders into my new project.

When I open a material I have two problems.

Is :

First problem = the textures used are no longer bound in the material.

Or :

The textures are applied but when I apply the material has an asset (drag and drop), it becomes gray.
When I works the material, everything works, the textures used are properly applied, the material reacts well and renders correctly, but it’s always gray in the asset browser.

Why ? And most importantly, how to fix this?

I stumbled on this topic: [Resolved] Stock Material goes to Default Material when trying to use? - Unreal Tournament Forums

The solutions on the topic do not correct my problems.

I am a little lost.

Thanks in advance !

It is not meant for you to move folders into the project, it is meant for you to use the migrate tool and select the content folder of the new project. Chances are you are not mirroring the folder structure exactly so it is looking in the wrong place.

If you want to take the migration somewhere empty first, I would recommend instead migrating to a bran new blank project and using that as a staging ground. That is what I do anyways since it gives you a chance to clean up any extra nonsense that may have tagged along and resave. I will keep migrating to blank projects until only what I need comes over.

Yeah, i also create a new project, restructure dependencies, and then migrate into the current project. @RyanB It would be nice if this could be done automatically with a “reference catcher” or something like this!

I’m still grabbing useful assets from the projects EPIC released … and this alone is a very very time consuming process :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, I not understand the manipulations to perform?

Create a new project and migrate materials and textures to a the new project and then make a migration of the new project to my current project ? o__o ’

Is there documentation that addresses this problem ? Or tutorial maybe ?

I tested this solution.

When I migrated to a new project works it’s fine.

I migrate from the new project to my current project, I still have the same problems.

How to fix it please ? :frowning:

I am unable to reproduce it. I would recommend creating an answerhub post and they may ask you to upload a repro test case.

The steps I mentioned are not some official method or anything, just something I have come to the habit of doing. It is hard to make it into an actual feature or anything since technically when you migrate, everything that comes across IS referenced by the assets you migrate. Usually it is things like default texture that were already overridden by material instances or things like that, so it is kind of expected that you will need to manually replace those references to avoid moving too much content. Or it was some minor component of a blueprint that also brought along all of ITS references. Still it is correct to bring over all that ‘extra’ stuff and the only way to bring over less is to pare it down a little bit. I don’t foresee a tool that can do that automatically since it is subjective what should be considered extra.
You can do that in the original starting project but the reason I use a separate blank project is because many of the operations would be destructive to the original assets and the original project may still need to function.

Okay. Thank you for your answers. It would be interesting to develop an option that would correctly migrate project data to another. As the “packages” in Unity 3D. :wink:

So the Migration only works with New Blank Projects, is that Correct? Because it don’t seem to work too well with Projects that already have got game assets in them or from earlier versions than what My engine is, ver 4.12. What about the Blueprints?, if their references get broken during migration, then surely you guys can install an option in the engine to RESET all the Node Redirectors so the blueprints can fix up all the problem references with the phamtom nodes as well.

(nodes that have been deleted, but are still being referenced).

Rather than just showing up the error in the compiler window with a hyperlink to the problem node (if the node exists), as sometimes blueprints give out errors that have no hyperlinks showing because the node being referenced to has already eithr been deleted maybe it was by accident or forgot to compile, and the redirector hasn’t updated the change and then if there’s no hyperlink showing up with the problem node when we get a node error then we can’t reset the problem nodes on the blueprints !!!

Because at the moment I’m getting a Duplication Function error in my Animation blueprint and there’s no hyperlink or redirector Reset button for me to reset all the node structures in order to update the blueprints links to clear out the error !

That actually is a fantastic idea! I would love to “package” single non-related fragments of my project into a single bundle to make it’s migration more easy. E.g. my custom skysphere with all it’s materials and components or just a simple material.
Upon import, it would be possible to check for UE if references are already available OR give an option to import the new one’s as copy while keeping the preferred directoy structure :slight_smile:

At the end of the day it’s all about asset management. And as soon as you have a few hundred of those you are lost anyway :smiley:
Imagine the possibilities to upload a single material with all it’s textures. Just import the “package” into UE and you are done. Otherwise you either need the whole project and migrate it manually - or copy the files and re-assign all textures and other references … which is a pain in the ******. Oh wow … even the polite way of the back alley is censored. Obey!

I usually move the ‘‘content’’ folder from project to project via windows explorer. You need to respect the original folder path if you want the texture to stick in the materials you copied tho.

Hi, UE is great but the migration from 1992 is pure trash, how does someone sane transfer their painfully created assets into other projects without praying it’s gonna work? Un-professional, please fix that so I can tell fellow Unity people I can share things easily like any normal person does on many software platforms… thanks a million. PG