might switch from UNITY3D to UNREAL ENGINEl for VR

ok so im working on a VR project in unity and something I noticed was that almost everything for VR and oculus is scaled down super small. The text, the camera, the hands, and whenever I need to work with an object in 3d space things need to be scaled down beyond the size of one and into decimal points of .1 or smaller. even tho this works I wanted to ask in the unreal forum if its the same way here for unreal engine users.

the reason im asking this is because i feel like this could cause problems in the future as i get further into my project. for example i notice the UI canvas system in unity dosent render text properly at such a small scale. even though there is some work around for this i rather work with a game engine that dosent need work around for something as basic as a UI system.

If I understand you correctly, the reason is because 1 unit of measurement in Unity is 1 meters, while 1 unit of measurement in Unreal is 1 centimeter.

It really has no impact at all on your VR project, and shouldn’t factor into your decision to do Unity vs Unreal.

certain system dont function the way they’re meant to in unity at a millimeter scale for example the text and buttons for a menu in a VR game. then when i scale things up the physics for objects begin to change because things are larger