Microsoft's Oculus Rift keynote

I’ve been up in the air of whether or not I want to add vr support to my game and which vr headset to buy.

I’ve been seeing some angst lately against oculus recently. Then the announcement today at E3 with Microsoft made it seem like Oculus Rift is a pretty legit vr headset to have again.

I’m now wondering if I should order a Dev Kit 2, wait until later, order something else… What are people’s opinions?

Microsoft just announced xbox partnership with Valve VR as well, which isnt great for occulus, also palmers now wearing glasses, my first thought was the occulus has wrecked his eyesight

Palmer has always had glasses. Also oculus has said, that some of the dk2’s are like crescent bay demo and have 2 screens with resolution 1440x1080.