Microphone input in game using blueprint


I would like to know if there is a way to use microphone input in-game and hear my voice in real-time using blueprint? Is there a plugin can help with that or should we use c++ to get this done!

Thank you

For windows, there is the audio capture plugin. There’s a a working implementation of it in this project: GitHub - ArthurBarthur/ArthursAudioBPs: UE4 project with various examples of audio-related stuff like visualizers, generators etc.

This is great thank you for your help!
I would like to add artificial latency or delay between the mic and the speaker. I have tried many ways but the audio not affected by latency at all. Do you have any idea how to accomplish this? Thank you…

No problem:)
Well, could use Submix Recording, and record the mic input to files, and then play back those files later however we feel like! Or for a simpler, shorter effect delay, put a Stereo Delay on the chain, and set it’s Dry signal to 0, with delay at how many ms you want, and the feedback where you want, to get some delay effect. But it will usually sound otherworldly and crazy. Reccording to samples and playing them back would be a more proper delayed send-back thing.

Hey so I’m currently trying to capture my mic input to drive some Niagara systems. I have it working in editor view and simulate, but when I go to package it there is no mic input.

I do get a message in the output log that says:
LogAudioCaptureCore: Display: No Audio Capture implementations found. Audio input will be silent.

I downloaded your Arthurs Audio BP’s and got the same issue. Did you ever work out a way to fix this?

The odd thing is the audio level meter I built does work, but the Niagara systems clearly aren’t getting any audio at all