Mic input level detection

Is there a way through blueprints to make a bar that fills up depending on the amount of noise coming in through the mic? (full when you talk, low when you whisper, empty when quiet). I’m mostly asking about the audio part, not the bar itself… :wink:

Any takers?

Hello ronaldk,

Currently there is no command within Blueprints to get the Mic inputs and render them to the screen. This will have to be done through code.


How would you do this?

I believe this feature is going to be supported with the upcoming release of 4.16 and the new audio engine. Aside from that, I do not know how to implement this in code myself. You would need to do some research, but I am sure it wouldn’t be too difficult.


I am using the new audio engine, but have not yet found such a feature. Was it included in 4.16, and if not, will it be included in 4.17?

It has not yet made it into the engine as far as I can tell. We are still working on making sure the new Audio system is up and ready for all of the supported platforms the engine also supports. I do not have an exact time frame as to when this would get added, but I am sure if you ran a search you could find a way to implement the feature yourself through code.