MeURL and PermissionsURL for Facebook API

I found out what MeURL is. I now just need to get the right way to get an access token from facebook.

I’m currently trying to integrate facebook on my mobile game.

I’m using the included plugin OnlineSubsystemFacebook.

In, OnlineIdentityFacebookCommon class, there is a variable FString named MeURL with the description “URL for Facebook API to retrieve personal details” that I need to put in DefaultEngine.ini

There is also a PermissionsURL. This time on OnlineSharingFacebookCommon with description “Permissions request URL”

My question is what are those URL? and where can I find them?


We can help you. Our plugin Extended Facebook Online Subsystem is exactly what you need: Extended Facebook Online Subsystem - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums Plugin was released 2 years ago and was tested in many ways during this time. It’s stable, receives update every 1-2 months ,and we provide premium support.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

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