metropcs hotspot cant login and use editor!

I have a metropcs wifi hotspot and UE4 will not let me log in. it works fine at starbucks or my house. I am connected right now using my wifi hotspot, so it may be something with the data tethering that is timing out something.

so I click login…
it then says “Please wait…”
then waiting… 5 minutes maybe…

then, no errors, it just stops and

then shows a big yellow button that says “SUBSCRIBE”.

I am a normal user, no rooted phone, and my cell data lets me type this post, but not authorize my software. or i should say, my subscription to your software.

If i’m having this problem other people will too, so any insight to what might be hampering the login process.

I’m stuck in palm springs for 3 days and I was awaiting this weekend, iin the middle of nowhere, with my UE4.


anyone else have connectivity issues? how much data is transferred? If my cell data is throttling, will it interrupt the login process? I have the “unlimited” plan and am for sure being throttled.

tim sweeney just staring at me from the UE4 “home launch menu” panel. mocking me! lol

Yup… I’m having the same issue… The Launch button is gone and Subscribe button is coming up… :frowning:

Ok found this…may be it’ll help others.