Methods to implement noclip in 2D TileMaps

I started to build a 2D side-scrolling game yesterday, and would like to implement knowledge learned so far so I started to make up enemies and powerups for character.

Then this comes to me, is that possible to give character noclip abilities for a certain time
(this includes

  1. removing gravity, so by default u’ll be floating in the air;
  2. replace W key from jumping to giving a certain speed moving upward just like X axis movements;
  3. the ability to penetrate through tiles on tileMap and enemies made by PaperSpriteActor which originally blocks user;
  4. probably needs a location check and move the player to its current Z position + a number if it got stuck between tiles after the noclip effects ends

Well it sounds kinda complicated… but interesting. Hope someone have ideas about how to implement it. :slight_smile: