Method of achieveing multiple map scale using a single texture sample.

So I’ve been working on a terrain texture (which has gotten complex [for me], FAST) and I think I’ve hit the max texture samples limit. I think this is why.


Basically, the two texture samples are identical they just have different Landscape Coords plugged in. One has 13 in the mapping scale the other has 17.

This is repeated for several different textures (Snow, Rock, Grass, Mud/Dirt, Sand and ocean bed) This has eaten away at the limit (which in fairness i didn’t know existed until my landscape turned grey)

So i would like to do something like this. Is it possible? or can someone recommend another way of achieving the same or a similar thing?


If anyone needs further details or if you need to see the blue print in it’s entirety, let me know.

Appreciate any help than can be offered.

So is this question impossible/really difficult to answer or just dumb? :slight_smile:

It’s not really either!

The ‘scale’ of the texture needs to be set at the point that the texture is sampled - you can’t ‘sample’ first and then scale.

Practically, this means you’ll need one sampleTexture node for each ‘scale’, even if the same map is being sampled. Might sound inefficient, but pretty much any renderer, real-time or not, has this limitation.

Fortunately, if you have too many sampleTextures, you can ‘share’ samplers across multiple materials, and get around the limitation that way. I think you’re limited to 128 shared samplers per project, or something like that, but it should be enough…

Try to convert textures to parameters and set it as shared sampler.

Thanks for the input redbox but unfortunately i did try that and it instantly turns the terrain grey.

Thanks for the input scribble, Im still trying to figure out how i can use what you’ve said to make this work but ill post another comment when/if i figure out how to make it work, appreciate the input either way :slight_smile:

Think i may have come up with something, after some googling i found out that if i set the sample source to “shared wrap” it doesnt seem to have a negative impact on the terrain in any way that i can see and doesn’t count as a sample.

So problem solved (*FOR NOW *<said in a menacing voice>)