Method for dynamically creating character portraits from within character creator?

I have a status window and a save/load menu that both contain image UMG’s that are meant to load a texture from a save file instance. (Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3), when a character is created a scene capture component updates one of the render targets, one dedicated to each of the save file slots.

This works great in the development build of the game but when packaging the game, the render targets go back to being empty green textures, I’m assuming they return to empty textures once the game gets reloaded.

What I would prefer to do is convert a render target into a new texture, one that isn’t a render target, to be loaded from the save file, so even when you restart the game the character portraits are still there.

Not sure if that was clear or not, I may be approaching this the wrong way, what would be the best way to do the following:

-Take a snapshot from a camera.
-Pass the snapshot onto the Save Game Instance’s “Character Portrait” variable, a texture or material.
-Load the snapshot from the Save Game Instance to apply to UMG elements.

Have you found a solution at all?

you will probably need to use the export render target node to save the character portrait to the disk (the person computer), then also save the path where the image is stored as part of your save game. this should provide you with all the needed info and create a image which persists.