Metals and the dark edging happening

Hey guys,

I’m working on a project here and I’m testing out some materials to see how they look in unreal, especially the metals, now I’m wondering it seems like any metal object with roughness tends to be super dark around the edges, etc a real discrepancy from substance painter over to unreal. Now I have unchecked SRGB off the roughness maps and metal map but it seems like it’s stiiiiill to dark around the edges I’ve had to resort to using just a scalar parameter. If there are no solutions to this could someone give me a good node to put my roughness and metal maps through so I can notch them down in unreal so I can get a good look for the metal pieces thanks in advance?

Looks to me like you have different HDRIs in Substance vs Unreal so a different look is to be expected.

yeah, that’s the first thing to check I had different multiple-lighting HDRI setups one with just like super studio lighting everything lit but it’s still dark on the edges. I get it will look different thats a must but if i were to rip out this HDRI from unreal and put it in substance i bet you 100 bucks it would still have this issue with the darkness.