Metallic reflection ?

Does anybody know what’s wrong with the metallic’s reflection ?

Looks like expected results with screen space reflections. Try disabling and adding reflection capture. Or even planar reflections.

Thanks but unsuccessful, adding or disabling reflection capture didn’t seem to do anything to the problem, it just brightened things up a bit. I gave Planer reflections a go but it’s far to heavy for my machine, had up to 3,000 shaders to compute.

Not sure if you can see the problem enough so I’ve included another screen-shot started from a blank level. The main problem is a strange black stretching between the sphere and it’s reflection. Also for some reason the top of the sky is black, and detail is really poor.

did you rebuild lighting? do you have a skylight? reflection captures usually don’t show up if you have no indirect lighting.

It has nothing to do with reflection capture but screen space reflections. Try to disable them.
Planar reflections is good choise perfect reflections for plane. When you enable planar reflections engine will need to recompile all shaders but this has to be done just once.

I tried building the lighting, no significant change but at run time isn’t so black. Second shot is a blank level so no skylight.

How can I disable ssr ? Good to know about the planar reflection.

I’m sure this vid is showing the same problem …

That’s how screen space reflections work. There’s no error there.

Look how Final fantasy XV water reflections look. They use SSR too.