Metallic Error Around Terrain Painting

Look at the attachment please.
What causes this and how can it be fixed?
When I paint on my terrain this appears.


Whoa, it looks like weights aren’t set up properly on terrain. Not sure what the issue could be. Are you painting with maximum opacity? If you want a smooth blend, you need to make sure your brush has a falloff.

The weights would cause the block around the painted area to appear metallic like that? The actual painted area looks fine, its just the error around it that sucks haha. Thanks for the reply

If you have 0 weight, I know it would typically render as black. I’ve only ever seen something like this when I first go to paint my landscape and it has 0 assigned weights, so I have to just paint everything one layer so it’s weighted to some layer, and then go in and paint the other layers that I want. If that’s not the problem here, though, then I don’t know.

Alright i understand, ill try that out, thank you.

Problem Solved, thanks a ton!