Metallic Black Reflection


i have some problems with metallic black reflections appearing on a cylinder. I dont know if this is like nature would also behave or if it is a technical issue.
Sp i have black or very dark reflections on my cylindrical mesh even though there is only a blue sky in the scene and a concrete floor. (texture is grey)
It should be pointed out that those black reflections only appear at a certain angle.
If the cylinder stands right in front of me it appears black/dark , but when i look at it from very steep angle those dark reflections disappear.
Is this normal or what?
Unchecking lower hemisphere does not solve the problem.
Any suggestions what i could try out?

This effect : blue reflection/sky, concrete reflection, dark reflection repeats itself on the cylinder because the objects geometry is divided into several ring components (basically many cylinders on top of each other connected via cylindrical depressions)

It is and has to do with AO or AA or Asaf or arafat, i forgot.

You need reflection probes, otherwise it can only use screen space reflection which only reflects what is visible.

What is a reflection probe and where do i find one in UE4?
So i did a test with a UE4 cylindrical mesh. There is definiteley sth wrong with the reflections.
The perfect ue4 cylinder only reflects conrete and only at the top side very dark blue tones. Same with the sphere.
Where as on my object the dark reflections appear on the front side. ???

It is like the reflections have a 90° rotation on the object.

Disabled smoothing groups on it. Looks a lot better now.
Thank you!

Although sometimes it looks odd. Is there a way to increase the quality of the reflections somehow in UE4?

Look for reflection capture actors… Just type it in the search field on the actors menu…

Ah, i already got a RCA. thought it was sth different.

So yeah i found the error . 100% sure.
It was caused by smooth shading.
THank you all.