Metahumans use Standard skeleton

Hi, does anyone know how i would go about assigning the meta human body to use the standard skeleton? id like to use it in my project but i don’t want to have to retarget everything, i have tried the usual right click, assign skeleton but that doesn’t work unfortunately

use ik rig and ik retargeter.
With this retargeting is fairly easy.

There’s a new node in animation blueprint you can use to retarget directly from a mesh without having to retarget animations individually.
Screenshot 2022-04-08 173918
You can also assign the node above a mesh to retarget from or set the node to retarget from whichever mesh it is parented to in the actor blueprint.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 174117

I’m using the UE4 → UE5 retargeter with ALS and metahumans

The issue is im making a vr game and it uses separate skeletons for the body and hands the talk to each other through there anim graphs… due to all the extra bones in metahumans it will not work

Running into the same issues working in VR but trying to use metahuman with a basic Manny skeleton, did you ever figure out a solid way to change the metahuman skeleton?